Monday, February 7, 2011

... beauty for its own sake

The jewelry that I design seeks to become art. It seeks beauty for its own sake. Because every piece that I create is one-of-a-kind, each piece must represent its own best effort. It must be unique and un-revisable - and natural. Like life itself.

Symmetry and perfection play only supporting roles in these efforts. More important are the values of balance, contradiction, and understatement. For it is the art of nature not to conform, or to imitate, but to be original, authentic, and genuine.

Surely I am not alone in this endeavor! The world must be filled with others who recognize that we create art for the same reasons that we fall in love, and have children, and keep pets, and grow flowers. The artworks that we are compelled to create provide substance, purpose, and meaning to our lives.

And so… this blog, which I begin for many of those same reasons. It is not my purpose to merely create a record of my own endeavors, but also to seek out others who may share my passion for art in all its forms. Surely we will have much to talk about.

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