Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Window

I have always had a fascination with windows. They are to the home what the eyes are to the face - those apertures through which information passes, knowledge is acquired, and interaction made possible. Windows illuminate the home in the same way that ideas enlighten the mind. At night they shed their light and radiate their warmth into their environment.
Widows shape the face; they reveal the mood of the abode. We study people’s eyes to know if they are sincere, loving, and kind. In the same way, we can guess the mood inside a home by the state of its windows. Flower pots, sconces and dangling crystals welcome our eye to linger and observe. Torn curtains, broken panes, and ragged shutters warn us away. A happy window, painted and decorated, is an eye lined and tinted with shadow, its lashes and brows prepared to party. Unkempt windows show their despair.
Beginning with today’s posting, I will share each Wednesday a window from my collection. They have been gathered from Lamar and in my travels, as interesting mementos – the way we file away memories of faces throughout our lives. My windows help me to formulate artistic expressions of mood and context. I want my works of art to speak out and express themselves – to tell a story - as clearly as these windows reveal their own circumstances.

July at the Third Street Nest

It's all there: the summer flower baskets, patriotic ribbons and flag on a colonial porch. Now imagine this scene without the window, without the interactive portal transporting the festival inside and out. Wouldn't it lack the very life that the window breathes into the scene?


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