Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Window

I have always had a fascination with windows, those apertures that illuminate, our homes and our lives, and through which information is exchanged, and interaction made possible.

Willow Creek Park Caretaker's House

This depression-era sandstone construction, (the caretaker's house in Willow Creek Park) gets a dressed-up 12 pane window treatment at the base of the stairs leading to the roof top patio. Without the windows we wouldn't know if it was a cottage, or a castle.


  1. One of the things I always bring back when I'm visiting my sister (in Boulder) is...(what else?) rocks! We pay a fortune for them here in FL! Enjoyed your blog, which I followed from Etsy.

  2. Neat window! I want a stone castle, but a cottage would do. ;D

  3. Thanks for your comments! This building and many others was built from locally found stone by the W.P.A. (public works program during the depression)to provide jobs to unemployed workers. It will soon be renovated as a historical site.


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