Monday, March 7, 2011

Allergic to Orange?

Sometimes it seems that if it weren’t for sunsets, citrus and pumpkins we’d have hardly any orange at all in our lives. A quick scan of the globe reveals a single orange stripe in India’s flag (they call it saffron); the official color of the Dutch royal family; and a cell phone company in France. Poets gave up on orange hundreds of years ago, whining that it doesn’t rhyme with anything. Even the Denver Broncos appeared to have thrown in the towel on the color.

  So it has been fun to see the reappearance of orange lately in the fashion world. Designers from Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, and Celene have begun to dabble in the color. Estee Lauder’s new Orange Crush shadow made its appearance last week on the runway. Brooks Brothers and J Crew even added a few orange offerings for men.

Not to be late to this party, I have decided to brighten my spring offerings with orange.  As a dominate color in my enameled “Lacey Leaf” pendant, it demands to be seen.  And it is certainly strong enough to stand alone as evidenced in the earrings and disc pendant.

After a long, cold winter I think we’re all ready for this hot, vibrant and energetic orange.


  1. Orange has a bad rep right along with yellow. You're right, we ooohhh and aaahhhhh over a sunset full of orange but we won't wear it in our clothes or jewelry! Love your enamel pieces!


  2. Thank you Cindy! Time is racing and I just saw your comment!


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