Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wayttyn's Owl

A few weeks ago, with hints of spring in the air, and the return of songbirds to the yard, I had this idea to freshen my jewelry offerings to reflect the return of life to the environment. I picked up a few bird books at the local library and began making sketches as patterns for bronze pendants. My thought was to capture the essence of what appeals to us, and attracts us to the shape of birds, not unlike the way cartoonists create cuddly caricatures.

One afternoon my granddaughter saw my bird sketches on the table and thought the design process was a wonderful idea. She took my sketchbook and proceeded to draw some owls for herself. She informed me that since she was only a few days away from her 6th birthday, she was requesting an owl necklace for her birthday.

Imagine her satisfaction when she saw her ‘sketch’ fired into timeless bronze. 
(The bird on the right was made from her drawing.)  Years from now she will see this piece in her jewelry box and remember it with the same wonderment that we view our own hand-prints stamped into concrete  when we were children.

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