Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Art in the Age of Facebook and Twitter

Watercolor by Patsy Wollert Oxley
Forty two years ago a dynamic, young art teacher named Suzie Brown invited members of four Southeast Colorado art clubs to unite for the purpose of promoting a juried art show for local artists. I knew four of the charter-member officers personally, and fondly remember their tireless efforts to promote art, artists, and the Southeast Colorado Art Guild. How we miss them!

Over the years SECAG awarded numerous scholarships to budding artists and donated equipment to the local community college for public use.  The organization sponsored workshops and seminars. It became the area's principal venue for local artists to receive critical acclaim for their work. How we will miss it!

Does this read like an obituary yet?

In the age of Facebook and Twitter, the obituaries of our local civic organizations are being written every day.  Clubs, sororities, leagues, and guilds are dying off like WWII soldiers, leaving not even a monument to memorialize their extinction.

As books, magazines, and newspapers disappear into cyberspace they are, at least, replaced by their digital analogs. They are still available for us to experience with our iPads and Kindles. But how do you 'twitter' a sculpture? How do you 'text' a hand-woven masterpiece?

Is the production of artwork so detached from the viewing public that it will continue to be produced without public recognition? Does it require an audience for it to exist at all?

The arts community, like all social groups, requires periodic renewal – a renaissance, from time to time. Southeast Colorado Art Guild has sent invitations to every active artist and artisan in the area requesting their attendance at a meeting where these things can be discussed later this month. We’ll keep you posted…

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  1. Hi Patsy, love your blog and your watercolor painting is gorgeous! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to visit your blog! I am now a follower of yours!
    Judy K.


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