Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Resolutions

Ahh, the joys of Spring! The robins have returned to the yard; the trees are greening; the lilacs are abloom; the soil has begun to warm; and I can feel that irresistible call of my artistic nature… to rush out into the garage and solder! That was my spring resolution for this year.

A year ago I banished my soldering station (and the soot and the noxious fumes) to the garage, which leaves me working mostly on enameling and metal clays during the cold winter months. The soldering projects accumulate on notepads (and inside my head) until spring, when it is warm enough to pop the garage doors open and light the torch.

My first soldering project this year involves the assembly of a ring, the components of which can be seen in the attached picture:
The “gemstone” is a small copper dome that I pounded into shape using a dapping block, punch and hammer. I fired it with several coats of enamel until it resembled a turquoise stone. The base is silver sheet with prongs soldered into place to hold the “stone”. This will be soldered onto the band to finish the piece.

After I get this Spring Resolution taken care of in the garage, maybe I’ll be able to get after those dandelions.

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